How to Transfer a Land Title in the Philippines

How to Transfer a Land Title?

For many, the joys of acquiring a new property can easily be spoiled by the hassles of title transfer.

What does one do when the title of the property newly acquired is still under the previous owner’s name?

How to transfer a land title in the Philippines?
So, basically there are five steps:
1.) Gather all requirements (documents)
 You have to secure all the documents from the Register of Deeds, Municipal or Provincial Assessor Office, and BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue). What are these documents?

*Certified copy of Title

*Certified copy of Tax Declaration

2.) Assess and Pay Taxes

After gathering all the requirements, you have to secure the computation of the following taxes:
  • Capital Gain Taxes (from the BIR)
  • Documentary Stamp Taxes (from the BIR)
  • Transfer Tax (from the Municipal or Provincial Assessor’s Office)

After you get the computation of the taxes, you have to pay it through the banks for Capital Gain Tax and Documentary Tax.

For the Transfer Tax, you have to pay it to the Municipal or Provincial Assessor

3.) Process and Get the BIR Clearance

After payment of taxes, you have to go back to the BIR. You have to submit the documents (requirements) and file for the issuance of Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR).

4.) Process the Transfer of Title

After you get the CAR from the BIR, you need to file or submit this to the Register of Deeds. You need to get the assessment of the registration fees. After that, you need to pay it. And then you have to wait until the transfer of title is processed.

5.) Transfer of Tax Declaration
So after you get the title, you have to go back to the Municipal or Provincial Assessor to file for the application of the transfer of Tax Declaration.
The whole process normally takes around two to three months to complete. As you can see, these tasks are bit complicated. It’s very tedious and time consuming.
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